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RatePlug helps buyers understand their financing options by displaying accurate monthly mortgage payment estimates—using ONLY your trusted lending sources—in Pinergy’s property reports. There’s no cost to MLS PIN agents or brokers; lenders pay a license fee to be displayed on listings and flyers. RatePlug notifies you of special financing options like FHA, VA, USDA, and more. Participation also includes their digital and printable property flyer program. Activate your free RatePlug account at rateplug.com and then check the RatePlug box on your listing details in Pinergy

  • Accurate costs and special financing options help you close sales faster
  • No worries about sending buyers to lenders you don’t know
  • RatePlug mortgage payment calculator can be automatically displayed in Pinergy and will be displayed on VOW listing detail reports your Contacts see
  • Create custom flyers with estimated loan payments from your lenders
  • All compliance handled by the RatePlug system
  • There is no cost to you to activate or use RatePlug