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Desert Rose Wellness is a provider of massage therapy in Kamloops, BC. We offer dynamic health care by assessing your mobility, movement and neuromuscular connections in order to verify if they are functioning properly or not, thus uncovering particular areas that require treatment during the massage sessions. At Desert Rose Wellness, we assess your discomfort and pain and offer customized massage sessions to achieve a balanced and healthy body via corrective massage therapy. Our goal is to overcome physical limitations for improving quality of work, life, and play for optimal health. For this, we employ one-on-one, leading-edge patient care, which is conducted in a private, safe, and effective environment. Our approach to each treatment is quite different as the condition of patients vary; however, we give our full efforts to make sure each treatment session is effective, safe, and makes the patients comfortable throughout. We charge our customers based on the session duration, which ranges between thirty to ninety minutes.