HDPE/PP Polymer - Which is the best for Raw Material Packaging Containers?

HDPE/PP Polymer – Which is the best for Raw Material Packaging Containers?

It depends on the requirement of the packing for the product whether for food items or other use. The packaging requirement depends on whether it is for food or other goods.

The material to be used in the packaging is chosen on the basis of parameters such as resistance to chemicals, gas and moisture permeation, wear resistance, toughness, transparency, UV resistance, among others. Finally, costs and aesthetic value determine what material for packaging should be used.

High-Density Polyethylene, in short HDPE, is a rigid, tough, and strong polymer of a natural milky color. HDPE has excellent resistance to stress, cracks and heat.

It is used in cases where the packaging needs need not be clear or transparent. HDPE offers good resistance to impacts and chemicals. It also has very good resistance to water and oxygen permeability.

Polypropylene or PP has a broad range of utilization, including foodstuffs, textiles, laboratory equipment, car components, and so on. It has extraordinary resistance to many solvents, bases, and acids.

It is considerably less fragile than HDPE. PP has excellent fatigue resistance but has less impact resistance than HDPE.

PP can be crystalline and amorphous. PP is transparent and used in cups and containers for food packing because of the amorphous nature and low density of PP than HDPE which is more crystalline.

Crystalline PP has a low impact resistance than HDPE but it is also used as food containers where high strength and chemical resistance is required.

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