Are your Pets Missing Grooming Appointments During the Pandemic?

Are your Pets Missing Grooming Appointments During the Pandemic?

On the 3rd day of March of the year 2021, Texas, a state which reported the 3rd highest number of deaths due to the Covid 19 virus, lifted its mask mandate which came into force in July last year to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that has killed more than 42,000 Texans.

Though some see this step as a step that was taken under peer pressure because governors of other states across the US were easing coronavirus restrictions despite warnings from health experts that the pandemic is far from over yet Governor of Texas, Mr. Greg Abbott eased the restrictions saying “It’s just that now state mandates are no longer needed,”.

This announcement came with a caution message from him which was “Removing statewide mandates does not end personal responsibility,”.

Whether this decision will make the lives of his fellow Texans easier and happier or will worsen the current crisis that the whole nation is facing is a subject for another discussion.

Now, after this laxity in norms, what Texans should not forget is the responsibility of every Texan to not let the virus spread by taking appropriate precautions which they took earlier to protect their loved ones from the virus.

The havoc this virus causes on the lives of people frightens every one of us. Health experts saying staying indoors checks the spread of the virus but we also saw the impact of leaving in isolation on the minds of people.

The number of suicides went up during the lockdown phase. To beat this effect of isolation , health experts came up with keeping a pet because studies indicate that Pets can be a great motivator for people.

Dogs especially can be beneficial for those suffering from depression. Pets will also make their owners feel more relaxed. Pet owners can relax and ease their minds simply by stroking, sitting next to, or playing with their pets.

But anyone who keeps pets knows that they come with a plethora of responsibilities.

Food and Vet visits are a must and mostly not ignored by pet owners but pet groomers are saying that their customers are missing their regular grooming visits and the probable reason is to decrease the chances of getting the infection during these grooming visits as they go on for 4 to 5 hours and if someone is opting for pick up and delivery option and Mobile grooming Salon option offered by certain Pet groomers and pet grooming salons, here, in El Paso Texas, he or she still fear that their pet can be a carrier of the virus.

If you are the one who is in the same fear, then do not worry and we have some tips which can increase the length between two visits to the grooming visits and thus lessen your chances of getting the infection.

Here is the list of suggestions by some of the experienced pet groomers of Pet heros dog grooming salon, El Paso Texas which would end your quest for home grooming tips:

 Take things slowly and don’t make the dog feel bad; use a brush you’ve tried on your own skin first. If it doesn’t feel right to you? It can irritate the dog as well.

Don’t pretend to be a pro. Don’t try for a professional clip and style; instead, look for much easier to do grooming.

Put treats on the table. If it’s a paws-itive encounter, the dog will be less likely to resist you and will be less stressed.

Watch online videos. Get the hang of pet grooming. They can be beneficial. The scissors you will need is: curved scissors in both directions, a thinning shear, and a straight edge. These are extremely helpful in achieving a comfortable cut for both you and your dog. 

Nail trimming will be a difficult task for newbies. Pet groomers of El Paso Texas suggest using a Nail grinder over a nail clipper. It is seen that inexperienced groomers often cut the nail too short, resulting in unnecessary bleeding and an increase in the pet’s anxiety. Go slow, use Nail grinders.

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