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LocalPin is free to use online business listing platform under which multiple businesses can list their local business place with all business/product/services details along with contact numbers and email id in order to get found and get contacted by interested buyers or service seekers.


LocalPin.org is a local business search engine that helps customers to find the best locally-based products and services and providers based on customers ' near me/near-by locations, ratings, opening timings, price, and more.

Finding the right service provider is the key to getting 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, LocalPin.Org presents you with the best ever local business search engine in which you will find the top service providers that are situated near you or are just one call away from you.

With over 1000+ local business categories we are helping global customers to find vendors that are highly rated by other customers and should be within a range of 5 KMs. Apart from this, you can also select multiple search filters for the “Open Right Now”, Customer Ratings, “Average Price”, “Region”, “Tags”, Most Viewed, “Newest Open”, “Discounts”, “Recommended” and more.

LocalPin.org also offers options for the audience to list “Houses on Rent”, “List Restaurants” options for restaurant owners, “Add Event” option for any business owner, and the “Local Business Listing” for business owners so they can be easily found by their potential customers.

How LocalPin.Org Work for Businesses:

Once users signup on to the portal they will be asked to become an author and they will get a public Author Profile in which all your listed business will be available.

Multiple business listings are allowed from a single author profile in case any business has multiple locations/branches so they can list all of them from a single author profile.

We are currently working on IOS and Android apps that will help the audience to easily and quickly for the local services and solutions for their needs.

LocalPin also offers amazing opportunities for multiple businesses to generate direct leads that will be from the real audience no fake leads because we never sell leads packages.

So, if you want to get exploded in front of your targeted audience or if you want people to reach out to you directly from a single source which s 100% Free to Use then start listing your business today.

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