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LocalPin – Find Local Vendors Near You

LocalPin.org is a local business search engine that helps customers to find the best locally-based products and services and providers based on customers ‘ near me/near-by locations, ratings, opening timings, price, and more.

Finding the right service provider is the key to getting 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, LocalPin.Org presents you with the best ever local business search engine in which you will find the top service providers that are situated near you or are just one call away from you.

With over 1000+ local business categories we are helping global customers to find vendors that are highly rated by other customers and should be within a range of 10 KMs. Apart from this, you can also select multiple search filters for the “Open Right Now”, Customer Ratings, “Average Price”, “Region”, “Tags”, Most Viewed, “Newest Open”, “Discounts”, “Recommended” and more.

LocalPin.org also offers options for the audience to list “Houses on Rent”, “List Restaurants” options for restaurant owners, “Add Event” option for any business owner, and the “Local Business Listing” for business owners so they can be easily found by their potential customers.

What is a Free Business Listing Platform?

A free business listing platform is a web portal that allows multiple vendors to come and list their business so it can be more searchable on the web on business related terms. The local business listing platforms allow vendors to share information on their business, share contact details, website URls or even list their main products and services in a form of a catalogue.

How Do I Do Local Business Listings?

To do a local business listing for your business all you need is to visit LocalPin.org and start with your company’s business listing. It takes only few minutes to complete a well structured local business listing page which you can use for the promotions.

What is the Importance of Local Business Listing?

Local business listing is very important for any local, national or international vendors because it all businesses to share their NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) details on multiple web portals and those portals also get higher rankings in the top Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and created more opportunities for your business to get potential customers from a referral source.

LocalPin.org solves the same purpose for your business promotions online because we are 100% platform for local business listing and we never charge any single penny from any vendors to share their business contact details and to connect directly with their customers.

Apart from this, we offer a dashboard through which you communicate with your customers and entertain them as per their requirements.

iOS and Android are free and always will be!
Lots of features have been integrated to app like Internal Chat, Facebook Login, Listing Review. We are converting WooCommerce into the App, which means customer can Booking/Purchasing a product on the App. ---- Can I design App homepage myself? Yelp! It's very easy to design App homepage Click me to know more